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Daily Archives: 12/10/2010

I have listened to a lot of great older albums lately and many have really amazed me.  Although most of the bands I have only recently discovered deserve posts, no other band really captured me more than Scottish rockers Primal Scream.  Through the 80s Primal Scream played what could be easily classified as indie/alt-rock, that sound changed with their seminal 1991 album Screamadelica that incorporated many elements from house and rave music of the time.  Screamadelica is a perfect hybrid of classic-rock themes, sample based production and electronics that is much unlike anything else I have ever heard.  Some songs may sound very Rolling Stones while others may sound like Brian Eno.

Screamadelica has earned the band near universal praise and the album is now considered a classic.  I definitely recommend the entire album to any one who is a fan of either rock or electronic… and really who doesn’t like either of those genres?  Although Primal Scream may not have the same reputation of indie-rock gods like Pavement or Guided By Voices, their music was very important during the early 90s.  Do yourself a favor and go listen now!


L.A. trio Pac Div has always been hit or miss for me, but throw a Blu verse on any song and its hard to miss.  The production is simplistic, basically consisting of a jazz-flute sample, bass line, and a drum track and it works extremely well.  Blu doesn’t come in until the very end but the three verses before him from each member of Pac Div are actually pretty good.  This song is very straight forward and cypher-like, but that’s exactly what I need now and then.  Stream and download below…



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