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Daily Archives: 12/07/2010

I’ve already done a bunch of posts about Odd Future’s live performances, but they are amazing so I am going to do another.  All of this footage is from their homecoming show in L.A. at The Echo.  Above you can see Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats opening with their offensive and rebellious masterpiece “Sandwitches” to get the crowd excited and Tyler launches himself an estimated 10 feet into the audience.  After the jump you can see videos of Tyler performing “Bitches Brewin'” off of THE ODD FUTURE TAPE, Mike G performing his verse on the song “Cool” off of Radical, MellowHype performing “Fuck The Police” as Hodgy Geats goes insane, Tyler, Taco, and Jasper performing “Tina” off of Tyler, The Creator’s Bastard, and finally the whole crew takes stage as they play Earl Sweatshirt’s “EARL”.

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We posted about wife and husband duo Tennis awhile back and their endlessly sunny and irresistible sound.  Since then they have made the rounds on the blogosphere, drawing attention for their now famous origin story.  Their performance with Yours Truly is not surprisingly great and the band talks a bit on their origins during the beginning of the video.  The track they play will appear of their soon to release full-length, Cape Dory, which drops January 18th.  Stream and download their great track Marathon below if you missed it the first time around.


This video for the track off of Flying Lotus’ Cosmogramma was commissioned by TV station and increasingly becoming taste-maker, Adult Swim.  The video was animated by an artist by the name of Lilfuchs and is extremely trippy.  Like, old-school trippy.  Not the type of abstract, colorful, overlaying camera shots you see in tons of indie videos nowadays, Lilfuchs created a cartoon full of morphing images of animals and magical creatures.  I am sure Flying Lotus is pleased.



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