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Daily Archives: 12/05/2010

For years dubstep has been popular in the UK and all over Europe, and is now rapidly gaining popularity in the US.  Only a year ago if you played the average person in the US a dubstep song you would usually get someone with a confused look on their face complaining about their ears hurting, but now at my school, the same kids who go to that one Dave Mathews concert every year are going to dubstep concerts on the weekends.  For many who have listened to dubstep since its humble beginnings in a London flat around 8 years ago, dubstep is becoming monotonous and needs to start evolving, but for the new listeners it is the most exciting and fresh sounding music they have ever heard.  Its hard to predict dubstep’s future in the world, but this documentary “Bassweight” will tell you about its past, and for the next week you can stream it for free after the jump.  Enjoy.

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This song is not new, but there are three things that motivated me to post it: 1.  I wanted to use the picture of Tyler, The Creator above in a post 2.  There hasn’t been much post-worthy music this weekend and 3.  The songs alright, I guess.  But in all seriousness this is song has one of my favorite verses from Tyler, The Creator, who has become one of my favorite artists of all time.  His verse is simple but conveys a huge amount of emotion and fits perfectly into the stark, dismal, and introspective atmosphere of the song.  Don’t get me wrong, Mike G’s verses on the song are also great, and he is a great artist also (shown by songs like THIS), but it is hard for anyone not to be polarized on a track featuring Tyler, The Creator.  Stream and download below (Tyler’s verse starts around 1:25) and download Mike G’s album on which this song is featured, Ali, HERE.



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