Awesome Live Performance: Beyonce- Halo (Cover)

For a couple of years I have been subscribed to FreakFolk391 on youtube impressed by his consistently remarkable cover of many of my favorite indie songs.  Recently, he decided to tackle a more mainstream song by recording a cover of Beyonce’s song Halo.  The cover is easily among my favorites of his and is a great performance.  The video only has over 400 views right now and it deserves many, many more so watch and listen to his other songs.

His cover of Bluish is another one of my favorites and I have even featured it on my radio show.  Check out his videos and go subscribe (that is an order)!

Check Out His Channel Here


pkelly94Awesome Live Performance: Beyonce- Halo (Cover)
  • Sergio

    The first one was a nice lil hipster with a soothing voice/string melody. aaand second was a young brit with a lovely voice and terrific guitar skills. loved em both 😀

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