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Daily Archives: 10/20/2010

A while back Yellow Ostrich impressed us with his highly educational Morgan Freeman EP, which was a fun electro-pop EP.  With his proper full-length The Mistress Yellow Ostrich has stripped down his instrumentation significantly, most songs consisting mainly of just his looped and repetitious vocal melodies.  This album reminds me a lot of Idiot Glee and even Jon Lemmon (does this mean A-Capella Core is a real genre?!?!)  I am really liking the musical shift that these artists are taking, building great songs on the strength of their vocals and melodies and the interplay they can create with those melodies.  Stream the album below and you can name your own price for the full thing at his bandcamp.


A little while back I posted the track “Breaking” by the collaborative project between Canadian rapper/producer EmAy, British producer Starslinger, and chill-wave artist Blackbird Blackbird.  Here is the four-track single that the song is featured on.  Other than “Breaking” the single contains one unreleased solo track from each artist.  All of the songs are great, but I would highly suggest EmAy’s “Sleep” in which he talks about his struggle with the music industry.  You can stream and download the EP below…

“They try to put me in a demographic, they told me ‘clean it up’ but ima keep my demo graphic.”

-EmAy – “Sleep”




I always feel bad about posting unfinished tracks, but this is Pharrell and 1/2 of the Clipse, so I couldn’t help myself.  The track is pretty stripped down, but that is probably because its unfinished.  Regardless, the punchy, bounce-influenced track is still great.  Pharrell provides one of his falsetto hooks which he seems so fond of lately, and Pusha T’s verses are solid as always.  Download below…



Ok, now this is what I expected of Wu Wednesdays.  “Gone” was a little disappointing, but this is quite the opposite.  RZA gives Parisian band Outlines a verse about a perfect world and some help on the keys.  He even samples the drums from the Wu-Tang classic he produced way back in ’93, “Ain’t Nothin’ Ta Fuck Wit” off of 36 Chambers.  Which oddly enough works well as the rhythm section for a rock song.  Now RZA’s got me looking forward to Wu-Wednesdays.  Stream and download below…



“Life of a Lover” was originally released on resident ultra-hipster rapper Theophilus London’s mixtape, I Want You, earlier this year without this verse from Blu.  To be honest I have no idea why his verse was cut out.  Blu is an amazing lyricist and puts together a great verse over the smooth horn-driven beat.  Oh well, “Life of a Lover” was my favorite track from Theophilus London before this, so now I just like it more.


Daytrotter has already brought us great music from Toro Y Moi, Local Natives, and Real Estate, this time its Cults’ turn.  Cults play a new, live rendition of their song “Oh My God” which they originally recorded for adultswim.  Surprisingly, the Daytrotter recording sounds higher quality than the original, and sounds all in all like a better performance from the band.  Throw in a new guitar solo and it seems like Daytrotter has put together another great performance.




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