Over 1,000 Posts!

Around 14 posts ago we crossed the bench-mark of 1,000 posts published since our start last year.  It is awesome for us to look back and see how the site has grown thanks to the great community of fans we have reading the blog!  As a thanks we are going to keep doing what we have been, posting the best of the new and old music that we want to spread to others.  Thanks for all the support!

Here are a few awesome videos that don’t have any reason to be in any new posts, but still kick-ass:



-The Up-Turn

Interview/Album Stream: Avey Tare- Down There

This interview/press video for Avey Tare’s new solo album Down There, takes trippy to the next level.  This 26 minute video features Avey in a crocodile suit speaking about the album.  Of course it can’t be straight forward as all the imagery and recordings are distorted and warped.  Like his video for Lucky 1 this is directed by his sister Abby.  The album is also streaming in full over at NPR so check it out here.


Video: Japanese Cartoon – Heirplanes (Dir. 13th Witness)

Ever since I was first introduced to 13th Witness and his incredible talent for videography I was always thinking how cool it would be if he started making music videos.  Now, he has been enlisted by Lupe Fiasco and his post-punk brand project, Japanese Cartoon, to create a visual for their song “Heirplanes”.  I’m definitely looking forward to see more from 13th Witness.


Mellowhype – Right Here

As the Odd Future duo made up of producer Left Brain and rapper Hodgy Beats are prepping their upcoming album/mixtape BlackenedWhite to be released on Halloween, they drop off a track for the fans.  “Right Here” is a slow, low-key, hi-hat heavy track that does a great job of showcasing Left Brain’s production.  The album art for BlackenedWhite is above, and if you don’t think its cool enough, tilt your laptop screen back, angled away from you (sorry if you don’t have a laptop, but you are going to have to sit this one out) and then look at it… WHAAAAAAAAAAT!?  Stream/download “Right Here” and link to Mellowhype’s debut album Yellowhite below.




Download: Pat-Lee- The Name EP

Pat-Lee is a young rapper who has the potential to go far.  We heard from him awhile back with his remix of Rai Knights New New which is highly recommended to check out if you haven’t already.  Pat-Lee just dropped a new EP The Name and it is filled with well polished and good music.  The EP is produced by The Best Kept Secret who creates great backgrounds for Pat-Lee to rap over.  Although Pat-Lee is making his much deserved rounds through the underground rap scene, I would not be surprised to see him gain mainstream popularity very soon.  Download the EP below.

Download: Pat-Lee- The Name