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A while ago I stumbled upon Colorado noise-rock duo Gauntlet Hair and their fantastic track I Was Thinking…  That track captivated me with its shifting and dynamic nature that jumped from catchy melody to catchy melody.  Despite only listening to one of their songs I kept returning to Gauntlet Hair and their cavernously huge sound.  Sticking with the band paid off as they will soon be releasing a new 7″ Out Don’t…/Heave.  Out Don’t is a fantastic song that utilizes the same magic that got me into the band.  Stream the song below and pre-order the 7″ here.

And for anyone who missed I Was Thinking… the first time around please do yourself a favor and stream it below.  It is an eternally catchy and exhilarating song that sounds unlike anything I have heard before.  I can’t wait for Gauntlet Hair to release a proper full-length, with these two songs alone Gauntlet Hair have earned my full attention.



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