Kanye West Plays SNL

This performance is an example of one that visually and musically crushes the recorded version.  I love the recorded version of Power that Kanye released, however this performance of Power transcends the original as it is updated lyrically and performed phenomenally.  The all white stage and ballerinas add so much to the performance making it seem like it is an act in a musical.  Kanye really puts everything he has into the performance and it shows.  After Power Kanye continued his domination with the great track Runaway.

The visuals for Runaway are less majestic than Power although it matches the minimal feel of the song.  I have watched a lot of great SNL performances but these are just something else.  If their is anyone who has not already realized the genius of Kanye West, watch and be converted.


pkelly94Kanye West Plays SNL