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Daily Archives: 10/03/2010

While you are all here, check out the new photos on all our pages.  We like pictures because they are good.


I always enjoy finding young talent.  Asa Davis is a 16 year-old rapper/producer/artist from Houston Texas.  Davis has a pretty unique style of production with a focus on melodies and chord progressions instead of snares and hi-hats.  The first song I heard of his, “Dreams”, has a synthed-out spacey feel that is unique nowadays.  What really made Davis stand out to me was my inability to tell who his main influences were from listening to his music, a sign of true originality.  You can Stream/Download “Dreams”, link to a song, “Been Away”, he produced for other Houston artist, Van Solo, and link to his website below…





Prismo Perfect are a great garage-rock trio from France that everyone needs to check out (read my review of their EP here).  This is their video for the track Wired Feelings of that EP and it is simply awesome.  The video follows a large stuffed teddy bear as he seeks to discover love.  By the end of the video I was really pulling for the bear as the video was both emotionally charged and fun to watch.  The cinematography is great as well, all the scenes look very well done and put together.


I don’t know what it is about Kanye’s “Devil In a New Dress” beat, but it has brought out some of the deepest lyrics I’ve heard from a lot of rappers.  This is one of my favorites.  This track isn’t long at all, but I could spend hours listening just for the lyrics.

“You selling keys wasn’t a benefit for me.  It was ‘mommy where you going mommy mommy why’d you leave'”




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