Video: Dirty Gold- California Sunrise

It is getting very cold outside.  And before we say our final goodbyes to the warm weather why not listen to one last great summery gem.  Dirty Gold are a San Diego band who sound like they have been saturated in the California warmth and sun.  The video shares the songs warm feelings as well as having some great cinematography. …

pkelly94Video: Dirty Gold- California Sunrise


Every time an Odd Future artist releases a new album (which fortunately happens pretty often) it is bound to be on repeat in my iTunes for the next week at the very least.  This time MellowHype (producer Left Brain and rapper Hodgy Beats) are releasing their sophomore (after their debut YelloWhite) album.  And what more perfect of a time to …

tccarr14MellowHype – BLACKENEDWHITE

Antwuan Dixon in “Baker Has a Deathwish”

Every once in a while I’ve gotta throw something skateboard related up here.  Antwuan, aside from being one of the most amazing skateboarders ever, is one of the most interesting people ever (if you want to learn about him I would highly suggest watching this, this, and this).  I posted this just because I was blown away by Dixon’s video …

tccarr14Antwuan Dixon in “Baker Has a Deathwish”

NicX – This Makes No Sense

And here is the first leak off of NicX’s upcoming mixtape The Unexpected Gift which is currently looking at a release date of Christmas 2010.  For this song NicX takes on Rick Ross’ Kanye West-produced beat Live Fast, Die Young, continuing with the nice beat selection.  The track is short, but definitely has me excited for the mixtape.  If you …

tccarr14NicX – This Makes No Sense

Download: Major Lazer- Who Run De Floor on Halloween? (Diplo Remix)

Here is a just in time for Halloween remix of Major Lazer’s awesome Pon De Floor.  Diplo takes the original and adds creepy piano and horror movie dialogue to create a new atmosphere for the song.  The track is a lot of fun and you can stream and download below. -PK

pkelly94Download: Major Lazer- Who Run De Floor on Halloween? (Diplo Remix)

Totally Awesome Live Performance: The Tallest Man on Earth

Although I have not blogged much of The Tallest Man on Earth, he is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists.  His album The Wild Hunt released earlier this year has been playing non-stop in my iTunes for the past month and it is definitely one of my top albums this year.  For KEXP Tallest Man on Earth does a …

pkelly94Totally Awesome Live Performance: The Tallest Man on Earth

Download: Baths- Pop Song

Earlier this year bedroom-electronic producer Baths stunned me with his debut album Cerulean.  This album is filled with odd, eccentric songs deeply rooted in pop music.  I am glad that Baths is still making more music and with his song, appropriately titled, Pop Song he continues his great streak.  Pop Song is nothing that we couldn’t find on Cerulean, but …

pkelly94Download: Baths- Pop Song