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Daily Archives: 09/23/2010

British Sea Power were not joking around when they named this track Zeus.  The drums sound like thunder claps and the whole song swells from calm to stormy in only seconds.  The track is going to appear on a 7 song EP of the same name.  If you dig the track you can download it for the price of your e-mail.  I definitely recommend it for anyone who is already a fan or has never heard of them.


If I were to try making a video that would well-represent witch-house artist SALEM’s music… I wouldn’t be able to. but whoever made this video for SALEM was.  Distorted, dark, scary, and haunting are words that I have used to describe SALEM’s music before, and I could use all the same to describe the video.

via P&P


Seeing Suge is the new collaborative project by hip-hop producer/remixer Star Slinger, Canadian Poet/Producer/MC EmAy, and chillwave artist Black Bird, Black Bird.  A rapper rapping over a chillwave artist would be cool by itself, but throw in some unique production from Star Slinger, and you have one of the most original and well-thought out collaborations of the year.  This song will be featured on the brand new indie label “We Get By“‘s upcoming first release Collaborations, a simple but great idea.  If “We Get By” was able to put together something this great for their first release, I’m going to be looking out for what they can do in the future.  Stream and download below…



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