Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: NicX

It’s rare to find young artists with originality.  At a young age like 16 most artists are still trying to find their niche.  NicX is one an exception.  Any kid can rap over a generic beat that everyone else has rapped over like “Lemonade” or “I Wanna Rock”, but NicX chose to use the beat from a leaked Kanye West reference song “I’m So Appalled”.  The originality of the beat choice is what first turned me on to NicX, but his verses on his song “Physco Therapy” is what kept me interested.  The song is a conversation between two personalities, of a possibly mentally unstable NicX, something unique and ambitious that I definitely did not expect from a 16 year old.  Look out for NicX’s mixtape The UnExpected Gift which is set to be released this Christmas.  Stream and download “Physco Therapy” below…



tccarr14Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: NicX