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Daily Archives: 09/11/2010

If you are not familiar with Lil’ B, you can read this, but if I had to sum him up in just a few words, I would say that he is either the most shallow, or deepest rapper alive.  I’m starting to lean towards deepest.  He comes out with a new music video about every other day, I am not exaggerating at all.  So I just went on a binge, and I think this is the best out of the recent ones.  You can download the track below, or if you want to join me on my Lil’ B binge, hit the jump for more music videos because in the words of Lil’ B himself, “BE HUMBLE LIL B WILL NOT BE ON EARTH FOREVER!!”.

Alternatively, if you don’t like Lil’ B at all, you can also hit the jump to see him get punched in the face.  Its a win-win situation.



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Martin Courtney IV is the lead singer of blog favorite Real Estate.  The recording is for Guided By Voices By Voices a release that will feature many artists covering Guided by Voices.  Martin brings the reverb and warm atmosphere that we have come to expect from Real Estate recordings.  Stream and download below.

Kanye West has single-handedly caused me to start loving Fridays more than ever.  The beginning of the weekend is good, but the beginning of the weekend with a new Kanye West track is great.  Kanye is coming back better than ever, and instead of making people wait for the album to hear his music, he is giving us a new great track every week.  This one, packed full of great features, has college dropout type drums, a simple and tasteful piano line, 4 quality verses, Kid Cudi on the hook, and Charlie Wilson’s incredible voice wrapping the whole piece up.  Fridays are awesome.  Stream and download below…



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