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Daily Archives: 09/03/2010

Here’s a brand new track from Chicago producer/rapper brandUn DeShay.  The song, as always, features some great, sample-based, production and will be featured on Rogo’s upcoming mixtape Summer Daze.



This is an EP that I somehow missed the first time around.  Earlier this summer Seattle duo Beat Connection released their debut EP Surf Noir and gained attention for their delicate electronic sound, think Delorean with a little bit of LCD Soundsystem.  You can stream the entire EP below and download it for free over at their Bandcamp page.


We have already posted two other Justin Bieber remixes but both of them cannot compare to this 35 minute epic.  Surprisingly taking Justin Bieber’s newest single U Smile and making it 800 times slower turns it into ambient bliss.  The song is relaxing and not at all what I expected.  I know that people may think this is a joke but after the first minute you realize that this remix, dubbed Echoes Across the Astral Wasteland, is a beautiful song.


Electronic duo Basement Jaxx have reworked Contra standout track White Sky and made a fun and danceable product.  The song which is already synth driven is given even more electronic textures to give it a dancefloor ready feel.  Stream below.



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