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Daily Archives: 08/21/2010

This video is old but is definitely still worth a post.  Stalley is from Ohio, but director and New Orleans native Brandan Odums thought the song represented New Orleans’ post-Katrina state well, so he chose to make this video to commemorate the devastating hurricane’s 5th anniversary.  Odums takes you on a trip through the devastated and destitute ninth ward of New Orleans which hasn’t even begun to heal from the effects of the hurricane.


A snippet of this dropped about a week ago, and now here is the full song with a few more verses.  Apparently Lupe dropped the idea of his album Lasers (after selling a good amount of T-shirts with the album name written on them) and is now releasing an album entitled Food and Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album.  I’m sure it will be full of great music nonetheless.  Download below…



The latest video for chillwave artist Toro Y Moi goes against the popular trend of lo-fi vhs quality videos and makes a girl go through a bad coffee trip.



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