Domo Genesis – Rolling Papers (Mixtape)

Over the past year, L.A. outcast rap collective, Odd Future, has put out some of the most original, creative, and fresh hip hop I have heard in years.  With Tyler, the Creator’s album Bastard, MellowHype’s album Yellowhite, Earl Sweatshirt’s album Earl and the entire groups mixtape Radical, Odd Future has always provided original beats without any clear influences, and lyrics so vile that you can’t help but cringe (in a good way).  Now, Domo Genesis gets his turn to release his debut Rolling Papers.  With production from the incredible Tyler, the Creator, and other Odd Future producer, Left Brain, this album is sure to be another memorable release.

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Arcade Fire- We Used to Wait Visual Experience

Arcade Fire has teamed up with Google Chrome to make one of the most unique and visceral music video experiences I have ever seen.  Using Google Map images and a synchronized array of windows popping up on your screen it is easy to get lost in Arcade Fire’s vision of taking you back to where you grew up.  This is a must see experience that can be found here, and yes it is worth it to download Chrome.


Lil’ B – The Worlds Ending (Feat. Elliot Smith)

This is old, but I just saw it at P&P.I’ve been going back and forth about liking or not liking supposed crack head rapper, Lil’ B, this has just convinced me.  I love Lil’ B.  Sampling the late great Elliot Smith would have been good, but the song that follows is even greater.  Lil’ B first started getting talked about for his extreme ignorance, non-rapper-esque humility, and apparent insanity, as shown in his tracks “The Summer” or “Free Lil’ Wayne” in which he rants about being a bitch (“I should have been in the hot boyz, I’m a real bitch”) and getting his dick sucked (I’m not a gangster, I’m a young hypocrite.  I don’t know myself so I’m yelling ‘Suck my dick’”) .  But whats really interesting, is that now that Lil’ B’s fanbase has grown because of all of this, he is starting to do the exact opposite and making deep, conscious, haunting, and real music, for example his more recent “The Trap”.  To tell you the truth, I enjoyed Lil’ B’s complete ignorance and hilarious antics just as much as I love this newer, conscious Lil’ B.  I honestly have no idea where Lil’ B is going to take his career in the next year, but I do know that I want to follow it.