Track Review: Les Savy Fav- Let’s Get Out Of Here

This song was my first real introduction to Les Savy Fav, New York indie rockers.  This song couldn’t have gotten me more excited for their new album Root For Ruin, out later this year.

Let’s Get Out Of Here is not trying to be anything more than a straight-forward anthemic rocker.  From the opening poly-rhythmic guitar lick I was hooked.  Tim Harrington, who is known for his crazy antics, tones down his weirdness as he sings “I just want you/to want me/right now.”  It is a simple idea that enhances the feeling of the song.  On repeated listens more subtle touches begin to reveal themselves, the quiet 1:51 guitar solo followed by the great bridge.  The real meat to the song is all the layers that are added to the along side the initial guitar part.  This is definitely one of the best guitar songs I have heard this year, and I am sure that this will stick in my mind as the year goes on.



pkelly94Track Review: Les Savy Fav- Let’s Get Out Of Here