Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: Candy Claw

Candy Claw are a Colorado two-piece that make dream pop.  What sets Candy Claw apart from your Beach Houses, Twin Sister’s and Galaxie 500’s is their use of the hazy atmosphere to create sonic landscapes of music.  Candy Claw recording their upcoming album, Hidden Lands, with so many layers they had to expand to 8 members for live performances.

Another thing that makes Candy Claw so unique is that all eight members met each other at an Evangelical Church in Colorado, a region known for extremist super-churches.

Songs such as Catamaran make me excited for their album because of they use more percussion outside of the drum machine featured in so much dream pop.  All their songs and ideas sound new and they are set to gain much more popularity when their album drops August 2nd.


pkelly94Enjoy It While It’s Fresh: Candy Claw