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Daily Archives: 07/24/2010

Stop motion is awesome.  For Neon Indian’s new video, stop motion is stunningly beautiful.



To be honest, I’ve been skeptical of this whole witch house business.  Trends come and go like hotcakes (I have absolutely no idea what that expression means) in the indie world, so I’ll listen to the new genres like this that come about every year, but I make them work to earn my approval, and I think witch house just did.  This is a mix from one of the witch house pioneers SALEM, and its on some real chopped n’ screwed, gallons and gallons of codine type shit.  The slow vibe of the song really shouldn’t be that exciting, but for some reason I have been listening to it repeatedly for about the past 13 minutes.  Well, the point is I’m am giving witch house my most coveted thumbs up of approval.




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