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Daily Archives: 06/28/2010

Here’s the opening track for California surf rock band Best Coast’s upcoming debut album Crazy For You.  Best coast have been consistently delivering summery, nostalgic songs since they first came on to the scene.  I am wondering how much variety their debut will actually have, but I am sure it will produce a few great tracks no matter what.



With my first listen I was instantly hooked on Salem and the genre they supposedly created called “witch-house.”  I became aware of witch-house awhile ago but I turned to blisscore instead thinking that it would become the more legitimate genre.  King Night has converted me.  Bone dry drum machines and haunting sythns create the fragile skeleton of the song, the rest filled by a heavenly choir singing the tune to O Holy Night.  It is an indescribable song that needs to be listened to, whether or not you are a fan of dark music.


Animal Collective are not always associated with a california surfer/skater scene. However for their video for Guys Eyes Geologist works for a surf shop (Mollusk Surf Shop). The video is mostly grainy shots of surfing and skating which actually goes well with their warped take on Beach Boys harmonies.  Even over a year after it’s release this MPP track still sounds fresh and captivating.



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