Enjoy It While It’s Fresh- Civil Civic

Combining rock and electronic music is something that has been going on for a long time now.  Civil Civics take on the blending of the two genres is something that sounds completely natural and organic.  Aside from the great fan video, their song Run Overdrive layers on a healthy amount of distortion and guitar with sudden swells of synthesized bliss.  Although the band is still relatively unknown this great review from the needledrop has created more awareness of their great music.



Bjork and Dirty Projectors Give Info on Mount Wittenburg Orca

Last year stereogum managed to get Bjork and Dirty Projectors to collaborate for a live performance at The Housing Works in NYC.  The product that formed was Mount Wittenburg Orca which details DP member Amber Coffman’s encounter of a family of whales while on Mount Wittenburg in CA.

The artists created 7 tracks that all tied together with Amber’s experience.  One of the tracks When the World Comes to an End was later performed on Jimmy Fallon which later led to the new Roots and DP collaboration.  Longstreth has released a long statement about the album which can be found after the jump along with the full tracklist.


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