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Daily Archives: 06/19/2010

I was just exposed to Quality NYC by Frank Ramz of Pigeons and Planes and I’m really liking what I’m hearing.  Quality is just a normal guy from Harlem who happens to be a rapper/producer.  When he was little he used to be a christian rapper, but strayed from that feeling that it limited topics he could cover with his songs, he still doesn’t curse in his music, but it doesn’t effect his music at all and I didn’t even realize it until he talked about it in an interview I saw with him.  Even though nowadays it seems like every artist has to have some type of special story or past, Quality makes great music while still being a completely normal guy.  His beats are always smooth, soulful, and jazzy and he backs them up with good lyricism.  Overall, Quality won’t make noise because of his life story or anything, but solely for his music, and that is the best way to make noise.




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