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Daily Archives: 06/16/2010

Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of J.Cole’s blessing us with his break out mixtape The Warm Up.  At this time last year, hip-hop blogs were really starting to blow up and as a result of so many people having access to such a myriad of up and coming artists, every artist was trying to bring something new to the table and be different from others.  Then came J.Cole, not to say that other artists coming up at this time were bad and that being different isn’t great, but J.Cole was a breath of fresh air, instead of trying to do something new, J.Cole brought us back to the golden-age of hip-hop and executed it perfectly.  He showed that you didn’t have to be on the cutting edge of every trend to get recognition and has continued to show us that since, and I’m sure his upcoming debut album will continue this.  I just thought in a time where all of these internet age artists are releasing debut’s, it was worth bringing back a (FREE) gem like this.



Yes this video is from March but I still believe it is better blogged late than never.  Here is the video for Delorean’s stand out Subiza track Stay Close.  As expected from a summer jam of this magnitude, the video consists of a constantly changing array of beach and swimming shots.  Although nothing is clearly defined through the iridescent colors and water work effects, it is obvious that the main intent of this video is to capture the sun soaked, summer feel to Delorean’s music.


Read my review for Cut Copy’s In Ghost Colours and you’ll find out I am a huge fan of Cut Copy.  So reading that Cut Copy are planning a release for next January has me very excited. The album is self-produced and is being mixed by Ben Allen who also worked with Animal Collective on Merriweather Post Pavilion.  Here is a clip they released of in-studio footage (spotted at P4k).

In other Cut Copy related news the band was asked to tour with Lady Gaga for a year in which they couldn’t decide “whether to burn the letter or frame it.”  Personally I am glad they turned Gaga down so they could focus on their new album which I will definitely be looking out for.


When hipsters start talking about Cat-Core I want credit for being the first to say it.  MGMT may have started it with their psychedelic cover of Congratulations, but with the support of Wavves, Best Coast and now Klaxons I think this genre has some credibility.  Of course these bands all have little musical similarities but maybe this Cat-Core is more of a scenester thing.  I have spotted Anthony Fantano of the needledrop wearing a three cat moon t-shirt on some of his videos which is sure to have added to the cat craze.  Forget Blisscore, Cat-Core is a genre that is sure to be huge this summer.



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