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Daily Archives: 06/14/2010

This is kind of a throwback, and it probably fits better into The “Best Dance Ever Of All Time” category but fuck it, Dschinghis Khan has created a gem and they need some god damn recognition for it.  You know what, I’m gonna hit you with a curveball and say fuck Dschinghis Khan, their costume designer deserves a “Best Costumes Ever Of All Time”.  Overall, this song is in the highest attainable echelon of Russian Disco, and if my language offended you I apologize but this song always gets me excited like that.


Here are the visuals for one of my favorite leaks off of Big Boi’s upcoming album.  So far I think this is the pump-up song of the year, and the video does a good job of matching that.


Drawing stylistic comparisons to Santigold, Amanda Warner the women behind MNDR is able to shed those comparisons with her new song I Go Away.  I Go Away is a slow and passionate break-up song which Warner declares is her anthem.  After this track MNDR is sure to get more well-deserved publicity.



He We Go Magic have made a video that I knew I would love from the first frame.  Any video that uses a hazy, VHS era style always captivates me with its warm glows and washed out colors.  Luckily for this video more than just the style holds me as I watch.  Here We Go Magic have also created an amazing single with Collector which is on their new full-length out now Pigeons.


Sonic Youth launched themselves into alternative-rock stardom for more than just their perfect name and image.  Sonic Youth became idyllic during their time-period, with their lyrics of youth culture.  More than their contemporaries during the time, Sonic Youth weren’t afraid of the screech of lo-fi and distortion.  They were rude, young and somehow are able to convince us that they have no idea what they are doing and we love them for it.



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