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Daily Archives: 06/10/2010

To be honest, M.I.A. has been kind of pissing me off lately.  With her so predictably radical stances on everything and claiming that her album will sound like “Gucci Mane meets Animal Collective”.   This song though, I can appreciate.  It is polished up a great amount to be more main-stream friendly, but the new instrumental with a touch of H.O.V. sounds great.  And with that I am done for the night and off to watch Rondo show the Lakers how its done.



During it’s short lifespan on The Up-Turn, Garage Download has already offered the Japandroids infectious 2o09 monster-jam known as Young Hearts Spark Fire.  Japandroids are back with a new song that seems to be a spiritual successor to the feelings and emotions in that song.  Instead of yelling about how “we used to dream/now we only worry about dying” Japandroids are asking for a “younger us.”  They get down right nostalgic about late night drinking and other late night activities.  The song is emotion fueled and further excites me for the more Garage Rock later this year.

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Nathan Williams, the mastermind behind lo-fi rockers Wavves, has stepped out from the sheets of fuzz and grit that covered his music on his breakthrough album Wavvves.  This higher end, but still familiar song, lives up and furthers the work of that previous album and has me excited for King of the Beach which drops later this year.

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So apparently it is a necessity for every indie band to have a song called “Kids”.  Its unoriginal, but as long as the unoriginality stays in the title and the music is good I’ll let it slide.  This is off noise pop band Coasting’s debut 7″.  The video was made by Alice Cohen by cutting images out of vintage magazines, and is about to blow your mind.


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