Video: Mystery Jets- Dreaming of Another World

I couldn’t get enough of Mystery Jets when I first heard their stand-out track Two Doors Down.  Minus a few other great tracks however, their album 21 didn’t leave a great impression.  Now they are set to release a new album and the first track is this synth-infused track Dreaming of Another World.  The video for that track is a fun song seeing the guys get classy with grainy footage and vintage cars.  I will be watching out for their new album releasing later this year.


Track Review: ceo- Come With Me

Sometimes the band does the best job describing their own sound, so I’ll put it to ceo- “ceo is the photosynthesis and an aria, it is silence and virginity lost in a gang bang. … ceo is the ashanti and ceo is seinfeld. it is eucalyptus, neon and a smile.”  Does that mean anything?  Probably not, but it does reference Seinfeld!  Read the whole article for my review of their track Come With Me.

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