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Daily Archives: 06/02/2010

It seems that every year needs a new genre to call it’s own.  So far this year I have seen many people claim that blisscore is that genre.  I found this funny diagram while looking up blisscore and I couldn’t help but chuckle.  The inclusion of Panda Bear as chillwave and Animal Collective as Lo-Fi already makes the credibility questionable.  The truth is though that blisscore may just be 2010’s chillwave.

I have heard the name thrown around a few times associated with bands such as Wild Nothing, Tanlines and Delorean.  PMA has said that “blisscore is the new chillwave,” while others have never heard of it.  Of course the differences are actually prominent.   While chillwave is slow and dreamy, blisscore is joyous and lush.  What blisscore doesn’t have however is that immediate feeling of “oh this is a blisscore song” that chillwave became so popular for.

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So Drake’s album Thank Me Later (probably the most highly anticipated album of the year) leaked, and some how this shit wasn’t on it.  Somehow this shitty track where Drake sings over some 808’s and Heartbreaks style Kanye West production ends up as a single, while this gem with the best Kanye West production I have heard since Graduation gets thrown away.  That makes absolutely no sense to me.  Overall, if you don’t like Drake because everyone likes Drake, listen to this and try not to like it as hard as you can.




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