Video: Vampire Weekend – Holiday

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Vampire Weekend go regal for their newest video for the track Holiday. The guys go driving, partying and even fight while dressed up as victorian era aristocrats(?). Awesome video!


Album: Wavves- King of the Beach

Like it or not, Wavves are back and set to release an album later this year entitled King of the Beach.  Although this album cover reminds me of one interesting cover from earlier this year, I am actually pumped for this album.  If you don’t know me, pumped is a word I don’t use all that often.  The reason I am so excited for this is because the most recent tracks that came from Wavves were Cool Jumper and Mickey Mouse, the later of which will be on the album.

Hopefully Cool Jumper, above, will make it into the album in some way.  The sound that these two tracks experiment with is successful and a good change from the straight lo-fi that most of their songs use.  Check out the full tracklist below.


Check out our review of the album here.


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Enjoy It Whiles Its Fresh: Rockie Fresh

I first heard of Rockie Fresh a while ago when he released his Rockie’s Modern Life mixtape.  I gave the tape a listen and there were a few alright songs, but nothing I felt like I wanted to put on my iPod.  Overall, the tape had good, fairly unique beat selection, but Rockie had a ways to go as an MC.  Recently I heard newer material for Rockie on brandUn DeShays amazing mixtape Volume Three: To Get Ready!.  Rockie Fresh had a feature on one of the highlight songs of the mixtape, Awe Stars (his is the third verse).  As soon as I listened to his verse I was blown away.  Somehow in a span of about 7 months, Rockie Fresh has developed a laid back style of rapping that I can’t get enough of.  Though Rockie’s Modern Life wasn’t anything special, I am sure whatever Rockie Fresh does next will be.




Video: Dom- Living In America

Any song that can get me singing “It’s so sexy, to be living in America!” during class is impressive enough for me.  How could this song fail?  With a great synth line and great lyrics about America, Dom have created a summer jam that could easily dethrone MGMT’s Kids.  Dom is quickly rising in popularity after their great EP Sun Bronzed Greek God and this awesome interview with pitchfork.


Kanye West – Power (Feat. Dwele)

I have been waiting for this for incredibly long.  This is the first single off of Kanye’s upcoming album Good Ass Job in which he will supposedly be mostly losing the auto-tune.  This is a great start.  When 808s and Heartbreaks first came out, I hated it, but as it came up on shuffle in my iTunes library every once and a while, it began to grow on me, and I realized that it is actually a great album, regardless of how different it was.  On Good Ass Job I am hoping to see if Kanye will fit in one or two 808s and Heartbreaks style tracks.