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Daily Archives: 04/21/2010

Panda Bear already stated that a new album would be coming late 2010.  According to his publicist Lennox will be releasing a new album entitled TOMBOY this September.  I am very excited to hear how Panda Bear plans to follow up his masterpiece Person Pitch and I am sure whatever he does is going to be great.


Garage Download is a new section where I will try to post once every week a new or old garage rock song to download.  This week we have Sub Pop’s new band Happy Birthday.  The hook in this song is simply amazing and was really surprising considering the sludgy and not too poppy start.  This hook reminds me of Gorillaz “Super Fast Jellyfish” and I really wish the entire song was just this one hook.  I promise you will be singing the chorus in a matter of minutes.


MP3: Happy Birthday- Girls FM


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