Track Review Tokyo Police Club- Breakneck Speed

Since their 2008 debut full-length Tokyo Police Club have been hard at work touring, appearing on Desperate Housewives and writing new material.  Check out my review of their new track after the jump.This track, contrary to its title, moves at a relaxed but complex pace.  Tokyo Police Club have no problem setting up a wall of instrumentation on this track to compliment the always sharp lyrics of Dave Monks.  The most obvious improvement about this song from older material is the increase in length and ideas.  TPC work with more than just a verse/chorus/verse/chorus arrangement.  As with all good TPC songs the melody gets stuck in your head and the only thing you can do is continue to listen to the song.  Breakneck Speed is an homage to the last days of youth as Monks sights both sadness that it is gone and excitement for the future.  I am really liking this track and it will appear on their new LP Champ which will be released later this year.


pkelly94Track Review Tokyo Police Club- Breakneck Speed