Fashawn – Lifes A Bitch (Feat. Talib Kweli)

If I heard that any other artist than Fashawn was recording a mixtape as an ode to Nas’ Illmatic, all I could imagine happening was a masterpiece being ruined, but I feel Fashawn has what it takes to succeed.  I realized that Fashawn is also one of the only artists for whom it would make sense to re-make Illmatic.  Fashawn is a young upcoming MC, just like Nas was when he wrote Illmatic and just like Nas wrote what he saw out his project window, Fashawn writes of what he has seen in the slums of Fresno, CA.  I am extremely looking forward to the release of this tribute.


tccarr14Fashawn – Lifes A Bitch (Feat. Talib Kweli)