Jay Electronica – Exhibit C (DJ Ted Smooth Remix)

This time, instead of a rapper freestyling over the beat for Exhibit C (I made a point of not posting any of those hundreds of disgraces), DJ Ted Smooth switches it up and keeps Jay’s vocals and changes the beat to Tried By Twelve by The East Flatbush Project.  One would think that taking the Just Blaze production out of this song might be a big blow to it, but this remix is just as good if not better, a testimony to Jay’s skills as an MC.


New Born Ruffians- Sole Brother

I was a huge fan of Born Ruffian’s debut album Red, Yellow and Blue.  This year they are planning on releasing a new LP entitled Say It.  Here is the first MP3 from the album called “Sole Brother” which references his wish that he had been an only child growing up.  It may just be me but I am getting an Abbey Road era Ringo sound from this song.  Listen for yourself.

MP3: Sole Brother- Born Ruffians

Dare I say the Best A Cappella Group Of All Time… Ever

Any a capella group who will perform such a great performance of Dirty Projector’s Cannibal Resource is one that appeals to me.  Any a capella group who will then perform a stunning rendition of Fleet Foxes Ragged Woods… now that just makes them the Charlston Singing Knights the best group ever.  Check out more videos after the jump.

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Jay Electronica to work with Mos Def, Guilty Simpson, Lupe Fiasco, and Nas

In a recent interview, Jay said this:

“Me and Mos [Def] have a project that we’re doing, me and Guilty Simpson have a project that we’re doing. I would like to do a project with Lupe — [Fiasco] we’re going to do a project at some point. Me and Nas have a project that we’re doing. I’m just trying. I’m in the process of working and connecting. I don’t really feel like a song or an album is the end-all, be-all to what we’re doing.”

I hope that when talking about working with Mos Def, he is referring to the trio of Jay, Mos Def, and Curren$y called Center Edge Territory that they were supposedly working on.  In addition, he also said that Dear Moleskin will not be on his upcoming mixtape Act II, but his official LP Act III which is a damn shame.