Track Reviews Yeasayer- O.N.E.

With their debut album All Our Cymbals, Yeasayer got the title of diet Animal Collective.  Read after the jump to see how Yeasayer fair embracing modern dance music.

The last place many people would expect to hear Yeasayer would be at a club.  With the track O.N.E. however, Yeasayer is fully embracing dance music.  O.N.E. is the type of song that beggs for the listener to dance along.  This is still the Yeasayer we all know and love elevating the dance genre into something much more tribal and warm.  The lyrics are simple lost love lyrics that could easily fill the status box of any girl on facebook “Hold me like before, hold me like you used.  Control me like you used to.  No! You don’t move me anymore!”   This song is  able to appeal to long time fans as well as any generic pop lovers.  Yeasayer have evolved their sound into something that I am incredibly excited for.  After O.N.E. and Ambling Alp, I cannot wait for Odd Blood to drop later in February!


pkelly94Track Reviews Yeasayer- O.N.E.