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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Avi Buffalo is a new band signed by Sub Pop who have recently released a 7″ that I have not heard many people talking about.  The title-track off the album starts off immediately separating themselves from other indie artists with their vocalist.  The singer channels a voice reminiscent of the golden days of folk.  Their myspace even acknowledges their influences as Simon and Garfuncle, Beach Boys and Neil Young.  Although at first the song seems sparse multiple listen bring out the smaller details in the organ, guitar and background noises that complement the songs easy going atmosphere.  The song has a great hook that will be caught in your head all day without ever getting annoying.  Although it may not impress on the first few listens this song is a grower and is worth listening to.


I previously posted that Julian Casablancas had covered the SNL cristmas classic which can be watched here.  For his tribute Casablancas has decided to flesh out the short 1 and a half minute song into 3 minutes of garage rock.  Although the song starts shaky with Casablancas struggling to imitate the original’s deep gruffy voice.  However he finds his place as he explodes into the infinitely catchy chorus.  Alot is going on with the song as well.  Fuzzy guitars, looping synths and church bells all combine to create a great backdrop for Casablancas to work with.  This is why the voice is disapointing as he fails to carry the weight of the melody.  The song still is very catchy and is worth checking out.


Jay Electronica just announced that his project Act II: Patents of Nobility will be dropping on December 25th Christmas Day.  This is sure to please all of the starving Jay Electronica fans out there.

P.S.  In related news Lupe Fiasco will not be dropping the Friend of the People mixtape on Christmas, and possibly not at all.

Here is the great new video for Das Racist’s “Rainbow in the Dark” Although this video is sfw you do see pubes so just a warning.

Rolling Stone has always seemed conflicted on their year end lists.  You can tell that they want to be hip while playing to their older audience.  That is why it is no suprise that U2’s terribly average new album landed the top spot this year in both song and album categories.  I do appreciate their recognition of Dirty Projectors at 6 and My Girls at 13.  Also Girls at 15!  They clearly want to appeal to the hipster audience that is growing in size.  The list is pretty terrible with Green Day, Miley Cyrus and U2 getting top spots.  Read full lists below.

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Wale freestyles over Thank You from Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3.

Download HERE

I <3 Madlib and Stonesthrow Records.  Madlib brings some crazy production as always, and the Strong Arm Steady boys put it to good use.  You can download the album In Search of Stony Jackson now, but if you want to get the vinyl with this awesome album art, Stonesthrow is dropping it around the beginning of the new year.

Download HERE


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