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Daily Archives: 12/20/2009

Here’s a newly released track from Wale produced by Osinachi, the producer behind Wale’s track “Nike Boots”.  This was recorded about 2 and a half years ago and was originally meant to be the intro for his debut album, but that didn’t work out, so here it is now.

Download HERE

Avi Buffalo is a new band signed by Sub Pop who have recently released a 7″ that I have not heard many people talking about.  The title-track off the album starts off immediately separating themselves from other indie artists with their vocalist.  The singer channels a voice reminiscent of the golden days of folk.  Their myspace even acknowledges their influences as Simon and Garfuncle, Beach Boys and Neil Young.  Although at first the song seems sparse multiple listen bring out the smaller details in the organ, guitar and background noises that complement the songs easy going atmosphere.  The song has a great hook that will be caught in your head all day without ever getting annoying.  Although it may not impress on the first few listens this song is a grower and is worth listening to.


I previously posted that Julian Casablancas had covered the SNL cristmas classic which can be watched here.  For his tribute Casablancas has decided to flesh out the short 1 and a half minute song into 3 minutes of garage rock.  Although the song starts shaky with Casablancas struggling to imitate the original’s deep gruffy voice.  However he finds his place as he explodes into the infinitely catchy chorus.  Alot is going on with the song as well.  Fuzzy guitars, looping synths and church bells all combine to create a great backdrop for Casablancas to work with.  This is why the voice is disapointing as he fails to carry the weight of the melody.  The song still is very catchy and is worth checking out.



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