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Daily Archives: 12/17/2009

On the radio show Opie and Anthony they have a segment where they take a homeless man to a mall and buy him new clothes.  This clip right here is a homeless man who while interviewing mentioned that he was a musician, and so they give him a guitar and he sings Creep by Radiohead.  I can’t get over how great this guy’s voice sounds.  Thanks to Confusion.

For about 2 and a half months I had to deal with listening to this track with some radio host shouting shit over it, but now the CD quality version is finally out.  Support Mr. Electronica and buy it on iTunes.

Wow if you though 2009 couldn’t get any better Jacqueline Ray has come along to prove us wrong.  What makes this even better is thatThis horrible fantastic song is part of a full album, so we can all get our fill of the amazing songwriting skills of Jacqueline. The best part is at 2:50 when one of the back up singers stops lip syncing and just starts laughing. Merry Christmas Internet.


I have been waiting for a while to hear what the final version of the song would sound like.  I will have to listen to it more however my first impression is not too great.  The song does not take the risks that it promised in the live version below.  I think Vampire Weekend went a bit too polite with what could have been an amazing song.

Stream HERE


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