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Daily Archives: 12/13/2009

If he can play this well at like 4 years old, I can’t imagine how good he’ll be when he’s Jake Shimabukuro’s age.

Real Estate are an in the times band.  They released their Self Entitled Album during a time when their sound of chill surf lo-fi was still fresh and new.  That being said however they are still an original band with good ideas.  With thier song Green River, Real Estate show their originality and pop sensibilities.  And even though this song is catching you probably won’t find your self floored by anything about this song or even humming the tune later.  Although some would say this is just part of their chill sound it takes away from what could be a great song.  Although I have not listened to their entire album with Green River, Real Estate come off as a band with great ideas that they are too afraid to make risks with.


Phoenix may have made it big with their 2009 album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.”  And while some people point to it as their best album I point to their 2006 album “It’s Never Been Like That.”  Here is a track by track review of the album.

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Here’s the video for the upcoming artist Mike Posner’s song Drug Dealer Girl off of his A Matter of Time mixtape.

Here is a great video of one of my favourite bands Midi and the Modern Dance. This was shot LaBlogoteque style in Westport, CT. This is an amazing band and they deserve more attention. Check them out on iTunes or Myspace

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