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Daily Archives: 12/11/2009

Here is a great cover of the SNL Christmas song by Neil Diamond

Rolling Stone is the biggest music publication in America.  Their Decade List is sure to be held in very high regard by many people.  Personally I think Rolling Stone is trying to hard to appeal to the mainstream and indie crowd.  I was happy to see Fleet Foxes “White Winter Hymnal” on the song list.  The song was followed by Lady GaGa’s terrible “Poker Face”.  Contrasts such as this are all over the list.  With this list it seems like Rolling Stone is trying to hard to impress many different people.  Coldplay dominates the list with 4 songs and 3 Albums.  Radiohead also has it’s four albums on the list.  And not surprisingly Kid A is their number one album.  Read the rest to see full list.

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I will be the first to admit that Afro-Pop and Rock are two of my favourite musical genres.  I love Vampire Weekend, Talking Heads and Dirty Projectors who all share similiar African styled guitar.  This is why I may be biased towards Early Warning.  The track is brilliantly poppy, jumpy and catchy.  Although the vocals don’t pack as much personality as a Koenig, Byrn or Longsreth he does a great job to complement the guitar which is the real showcase of the song.  Although some people may not find this appealing this song is a great and refreshing Afro-Pop song in a year of Lo-Fi, Chillwave and Experimental music.


Here’s a new Jets track off of Monsters on Mars, Monstabeatz’s new album which is available for download now.  Thanks to OnSmash

Download HERE

Here is the trippy cover for Yeasayer’s upcoming LP Odd Blood out with Secretly Canadian 2010.

Heres the Black Keys and Bobby Diggs playing a song off the brand new Blakroc album in stores now.


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