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Daily Archives: 12/03/2009

‘Saight I guess…

Download HERE

New track off of Ayomari’s upcoming project The Peanut Butter & Jelly Solution.  TiRon and Ayomari always seem to come in a pair, and that’s definitely a good thing.  This track is fucking crazy, so it would be in your best interest to download it immediately.

Download HERE

Now I could care less about the Jonas Brothers so I will just advise you to watch this video and get filled in on the whole shindig.

more about "Nick Jonas Leaving Jonas Brothers", posted with vodpod

Kid Cudi talks about his upcoming sophmore LP Cudder.  He says it will have a lighter and more playful feel than the dark Man on the Moon LP.  I hope this album will see his return to tracks like from his A Kid Named Cudi mixtape and his recent track “Cudderisback”

Here is a great live performance of Phoenix filmed by the French blog La Blogotheque.  For more great Phoenix performances click here.

more about “LaBlogotheque- Phoenix Play 1901 Live“, posted with vodpod


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