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Daily Archives: 12/01/2009


The Kinks – Yes Sir, No Sir (Peter)

Pac Div – Back (Terry)

Kanye West – We Major (Peter)

Raekwon – Kiss The Ring (Feat. Inspectah Deck & Masta Killa) (Terry)

Phoenix – Long Distance Call (Peter)

Professor Longhair – Big Chief (Terry)

Download HERE

Brand new track from the one and only Mr. Solo Dolo.  To me, this is the best shit I’ve heard from him since even before his album.  Maybe it’s because of he’s going in over Vampire Weekend’s Ottoman, or maybe its because of the amazing reference to a Pineapple Express scene when he says “Suck my balls, two times”.  I didn’t think he had gone anywhere to come back from, but the title of this song does seem fitting, because before this he had begun drifting down my list of favorites, but this brings him back towards the top.

Download HERE

New mixtape from Cleveland’s own Chip Tha Ripper.  I can’t seem to decide whether I like Chip Tha Ripper, I either think what he releases is fucking crazy, or boring as hell.  I haven’t listened to this yet, so you guys can decide.

Download HERE

Brand new mixtape from Freddie Gibbs with, as he said, lots of “Gun totin’, bitch smackin’, and ho bashin’.”

Download HERE

Here’s a new track from Spoon’s 7th studio album Transference entitled “Written in Reverse”.  The songs sounds like the same old spoon that the indie world has come to love and I look forward to their new album.



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